Project Risk

Every project involves risks, whether it's related to cost, time, safety or reputation. Without a proper understanding of risk, it is very difficult to manage them and can delay remedial responses and make these responses emotional. 

There are five primary ways to manage project risks:

  1. Avoid
  2. Retain
  3. Reduce
  4. Transfer
  5. Exploit

At Javelin provide the following risk management services:

Javelin do a quick risk-free assessment on your project risk profile, if we can’t help to manage your project risk, we will happily do it for FREE!  Email to us your schedule/programme of work and risk register if you have one.

Check how risky is your project. There is absolutely no risk here! 


Selamat sukses you are a professional!    Cheers
- Peter Luobikis, Risk Manager, BHP-Billiton Indomet Coal