Managing High Technology projects, programs or organizations

"The successful outcome for any High Technology project, program or organisation requires engaged and hands-on management"  

At Javelin we have extensive experience managing high technology organizations.

This type of organization is often driven by highly capable technical engineers, but with no real interest in Program Management.

We have the experience to “glue” the two functions together, and to provide open and transparent reporting between all levels in the company, particularly providing actual and up-to-date progress reporting to Senior Management and stakeholders.

We can put mechanisms in place to ensure stakeholders are informed of any concerns, risks and cost impact, including recovery planning related to any project on a weekly basis.

Javelin project and program managers will inject themselves into all critical components of a project and the organization. We believe in using exception management, and to do this we have developed reporting facilities and processes which can be introduced into any organization, either High Technology, Maintenance & Support or Through Life Support (TLS).

Javelin has extensive experience setting up and transforming organizations including rapid ramping up of staff.

Some of our experiences

We have more than 20 years’ experience in large Defence and Telco & IT program

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We have gained invaluable experience working with defence companies on complex and high-value programs such as the AIR87 TIGER Simulators to the Australian Defence Force, including working closely with Australian Defence personnel operating the mission-critical systems.


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We have managed, operated, organized, negotiated and signed large cryptocurrency mining farms worldwide including the logistics associated with the shipment of many mining computers to the farms.

There are no boundaries as to the type of projects we will take on

 We work closely with Executive teams to address their objectives and operational needs including:


"Javelin Associates implemented "on-line" progress monitoring and planning system for a major overseas contract. With Javelin we were able to see program issues that previously flew under the radar. By gaining consistent reports and advice we are able to understand not only our time constraints but also clearly see what was best to do about them."
- Mick Aylward, Program Manager, Lockheed Martin

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