At Javelin, we developed the Earned Value Management System (EVMS) to integrate the project chain functions. The flowchart below shows the two functions Project Estimate & Control (engineering function) and Project Office function (cost & accounts).


Project chains functions that may interact at various levels leading to management and financial decisions.

At Javelin we have numerically integrated above functions into a simple model, which generates EV reports to support management decision-making process.


Reporting of results is typically through EV Report Card at design intervals of system update accompanied by relevant project EV S-Curves and charts.

Typical reporting provides information in three sections.


Sample of EV Chart showing Early, Late and Forecast curves.

For more details regarding EVMS please refer to our service brochure.

EVMS Earned Value Management System

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Javelin has an excellent understanding of Project Planning and Control principles and applications, with complementary depth of understanding of variety of tools and an outstanding ability to apply them quickly and efficiently to benefit of project.

– David Read, Director, Earned Value Systems Pty LTD