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Javelin provides Cloud-based customised Project Planning and Control Services PP&C as a Service. We ensure our projects meet or exceed planned targets at any phase of project development

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Save space, time and money

Javelin PP&CaaS eliminates the need to employ permanent junior staff or expensive consultants. We provide professional service with experience of staff 30y+ or 3y+ combined. This means no extra work space, desk stations, computers, insurance and all the other hassle associated with the employment of permanent staff.

Enjoy the latest software

PP&CaaS provides the latest software as part of our service, eliminating the need for software licensing and license maintenance. There’s also no need of PP&C knowledge or training staff in “how to use the latest” software as we have professional planners and schedulers working for you on your projects, with access to the latest software and updates done by Javelin. By maintaining the software for you in the cloud, we’ve also eliminated your need for an IT department to install software on the server.

Relax with secure backups and easy access

Javelin backs up your system and projects in-cloud on a daily basis. This eliminates the need to purchase expensive server computers, also meaning that clients and your nominated staff will have access to programs of their work using any desk computer, notebook, or tablet on site, anywhere in the world with internet.

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Javelin has an excellent understanding of Project Planning and Control principles and applications, with complementary depth of understanding of variety of tools and an outstanding ability to apply them quickly and efficiently to benefit of project.

– David Read, Director, Earned Value Systems Pty LTD

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